Course Offerings

Tentative Schedule of Proposed Course Offerings

This is a tentative schedule of courses.  Course offerings depend on enrollment, staffing and program needs.

Undergraduate and graduate independent research, study, readings and internships are offered as needed and upon request.

KEY: M= Main Campus, O= Online, H= Hybrid

Course Offerings  Fall 2020
 AAAS 2000- Introduction to African
American and African Studies
 M, O
 AAAS 2100- Comparative Approaches
to Forms of Black Consciousness
 AAAS 2800- Topics and Themes in
African American and African Studies
 AAAS 3000- African and African American
History, Culture and Experience to 1865
 AAAS 3010- African American Histroy,
Culture and Experience from 1866 to Present
 AAAS 3100- The Black Woman: Historical
Perspective and Contemporary Status
 AAAS 3140- The Black Community:
Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
 AAAS 3600- Black Male/ Black Female
 AAAS 3800- Special Topics in African
American and African Literature and Culture
 AAAS 3900- Women Writers in Contemporary
Black Literature 19th Century to Present
 AAAS 5100- Foundational Theories in
Diversity Leadership
 ANTH 1100- Lost Worlds of Archaeology  M, O
 ANTH 1200- Peoples of the World  M
 ANTH 1500- Race, Biology and Culture  M, O
 ANTH 2100- Intro to Archaeology  M
 ANTH 2400- Principles of Cultural Anthropology  
 ANTH 2500- Intro to Biological Anthropology  M
 ANTH 2510- Forensic Anthropology  
 ANTH 2600- Sex, Gender and Culture  
 ANTH 2800- Language in a Global World  
 ANTH 3010- Anthropology through Film  M
 ANTH 3060- Archaeology of Civilization  
 ANTH 3090- Archaeology of Inequality and
 ANTH 3390- Cultures of Latin America  
 ANTH 3400- Cultures of Asia  H
 ANTH 3410- Global Africa Past and Present  M
 ANTH 3440- The First Americans  M, O
 ANTH 3450- Topics in Anthropology  M
 ANTH 3470- Ethnicity/ Multiculturalism  M
 ANTH 3480- Gender and Plastic Bodies  
 ANTH 3510- Human Osteology  M
 ANTH 3530- Bio-archaeology  
 ANTH 3560- Food and Culture  M
 ANTH 3580- The African Diaspora: Peoples
and Cultures
 ANTH 4040- Early Technologies  M
 ANTH 4400- Ethnography  M
 ANTH 4500- Primate Behavior and Ecology  
 ANTH 4510- Paleopathology  
 ANTH 4750- Language and Identity  
 ANTH 4800- Garbage: Humans and
their Refuge
 ANTH 4900- Archaeological Field School  
 ANTH 4950- Topics in Anthropology  
 ANTH 5010- The Rise of Civilization  
 ANTH 5030- Anthropology in the
 ANTH 5040- Archaeological Research Methods  
 ANTH 5060- The Archaeology of Gender  
 ANTH 5070- Gender Theories  
 ANTH 5090- Cultural Resource Management
 ANTH 5220- Poverty, Power and Privilege  
 ANTH 5250- Spirits and Medicine  
 ANTH 5300- Research Methods  
 ANTH 5330- Museums and Material Culture  
 ANTH 5400- Ethnographic Research Methods  

 ANTH 5450- Topics in Sociocultural

 ANTH 5500- Human Evolution  
 ANTH 5550- Topics in Biological Anthropology  
 ANTH 5900- Anthropology as a Profession  
 ANTH 6900- Archaeological Field School