• What is it?

    Using interdisciplinarity as our guide, we will reimagine Academic Affairs at WMU with an emphasis on replacing single-focus programs with collaborative, multi-disciplinary programs that solve complex, interconnected problems.

  • Why do it?

    As knowledge and the world we live in is constantly changing, our disciplines evolve, combine, or interact with other disciplines in pursuit of better understanding and improved learning. Many of the biggest issues or questions we confront occur at the intersection of traditional academic disciplines – climate change, social justice, public health, as examples.

  • How will we do it?

  • Academic Affairs Town Hall

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"This is an ambitious process with an aggressive timeline, both of which reflect the urgency of the moment.

We can no longer afford—literally or figuratively—to continue to allow external forces to shape the future of our institution. Instead, we will seize the moment to come together under difficult circumstances to take control of our core academic mission by reimagining and reshaping our approach to interdisciplinary-driven teaching, learning, and discovery."