WMU Global Engagement Program Sign-Up

Positions for the Spring 2022 semester in the WMU Global Engagement Program are first-come-first-served. Obtaining a position in the program requires the following: 

  1. Complete the following sign-up form.
  2. Follow the directions provided by email to complete registration components. This will include activating an account in Broncos Abroad and reviewing details of the program. Note additional eligibility requirements for spring entry. 
  3. Commit to program in Broncos Abroad.
  4. Once committed, our team will follow up with you to register you for spring course(s) and identify any additional registrations necessary. 
To be eligible for the WMU Global Engagement Program, you must be admitted to Western Michigan University. Upon admission, the University will issue you a Western Identification Number (WIN), Bronco NetID and email address. Activate your WMU email and check it frequently.
Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
Please provide a preferred email address if different than your WMU email address. Official communication about the WMU Global Engagement Program will be sent to your University email account.
What is your current class level?
Select the most accurate statement.
Please confirm that you are signing up to enter the Global Engagement Program in the Spring 2022 semester. Entering in the Spring 2022 semester will require some additional eligibility steps including either taking GIST 2000 in the Spring or participating in a workshop this fall.