Orientation: Math Placement

Math placement is required for all students and is extremely important for students interested in a major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) or who will be studying in a math-intensive program. A math-placement assessment will determine which math classes you are eligible to take.  

You have three options for math placement:

  1. make sure to review math terminology in english

    Make sure to review English math terminology before taking your Math Placement Exam.

    ALEKS online system: This online test uses an initial, un-proctored assessment of your math skills to provide learning modules that target your weak areas. This will be followed by a proctored test, arranged in your home country or upon arrival to campus. If taken in your home country, the proctored test must be completed at least two weeks before arriving at WMU for orientation. The ALEKS online system has many benefits for international students! If you have any questions about ALEKS, please contact Dr. Steven Culver at steven.culver@wmich.edu 
  2. In-person at the International Student Orientation: you may take the required Math Placement Exam during the International Student Orientation.
  3. Previous math course or exam: you may use a previous math course or exam to be placed. You may use the following for math placement:
    - ACT or SAT test results (from the past 3)  
    - Official transcript from another college or university showing completion of a math class AND a course syllabus. You must have completed the class with a "C" or better. 

All students should take the time to review English math terminology before taking the ALEKS or arriving at WMU for orientation.

Visit the WMU Department of Mathematics for more information about math placement.

Note: If you are a guest student who does not intend on taking a math class while attending WMU, you will not need to take a placement test.   

Benefits of ALEKS online System for Math Placement

The ALEKS program costs $25 and allows you to take a practice test and math lessons online before having to take the actual test. You will be asked to pay with a credit card, but if you enroll in WMU, the $25 will be refunded to your student account.

Benefits of ALEKS