Alumni Online Services

As an alumni of Western Michigan University you will be able to retain access to your W-Exchange Mail, Calendar and People (contacts) as long as you continue to to make the required annual password change. Notifications are sent prior to password expiration. If the password is not changed, an additional 30 day notice is sent. At the end of that time, if no response has been made, the account will be deprovisioned and the mailbox and all messages will be removed from the system and not recoverable. 

What to do Prior to YOUR GRADUATION

Upon graduation, you will no longer have access to WMU's OneDrive, Office Online, Office Desktop Applications or any other Microsoft applications through WMU. If you are using these applications you will need to download your OneDrive files or any other information you wish to keep to your device(s) prior to losing access.  

To download your OneDrive files: (these instructions do not work with Google Chrome on MacOS. Please use Safari if you are using a Mac)

  1. Login to W-Exchange with your Bronco NetID and password and go to OneDrive.
  2. Select Files in the left menu and click the "select all" check mark.
  3. Click the Download button to download a zipped folder of your OneDrive files.
  4. Navigate to the zipped folder and extract the data. The file will be named where DATE is the date you downloaded the files.
  5. On Windows, right click the file and choose Extract All..., then click Extract on the window that appears.Your files will be extracted to the same folder as the download.
  6. On Mac, Double-click the folder and the files will be extracted to the same folder as the download.

If you wish to have continued access to Microsoft Office, see purchasing options.

Additional information

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