Campus Information Security Committee


This committee, with broad representation from the campus community, focuses on procedure and policy development to assure that University data assets are secure and protected in compliance with state and federal regulations.


  • Gregory Lozeau (chair), information technology
  • Jason Barnes, development and alumni relations
  • Joan Beffel, internal audit
  • Tim Broadwater, faculty senate
  • Richard Burton, information technology
  • William Craft, diversity and inclusion
  • James Bronson, registrar
  • Byron Glock, extended university programs
  • James Amos, information technology
  • Robert Kakuk, human resources
  • Jeremy Glefke, financial aid
  • David Longjohn, unified clinics
  • Michael Roe, registrar's office
  • John Stanford, health and human services
  • Jessica Swartz, general council
  • Donald Weber, arts and sciences
  • Scott Weber, student affairs
  • Paul Gallager, university libraries