Banner Systems Integration Team

The Banner Systems Integration Team works collaboratively as functional and technical users of the student system in order to prioritize and effectively manage people, strategy, process and technology that are integrated across the banner-centric student systems environment so as to ensure the integrity of these systems to the community of Western Michigan University.

Banner-centric student systems include, but are not limited to, Banner, Work Flow, Cognos reporting system, Operational Data Store, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Luminis, TouchNet and ImageNow. Other systems may be identified as part of the student systems.


  • Mike Roe, (chair) enrollment management
  • Sheila Atherton, accounts receivable
  • Lori Bingaman, accounts receivable
  • Carol Carpenter, student financial aid
  • Trever Cornwell, extended university programs
  • Dale Jansen, information technology
  • Kristine King, international affairs
  • Tim LaLonde, information technology
  • David Longjohn, admissions
  • Kelley Oliver, registrar office
  • Mike Roe, registrar office
  • Teri Schrimp, institutional research
  • Steve Thomas, information technology
  • Jodi Ward, graduate college
  • William Whisman, information technology


  1. Set guidelines and administer resources to consistently reinstall and upgrade student systems.
  2. Assess and evaluate user community requests for enhancements to the systems.
  3. Prioritize resources to implement approved requests for enhancements consistent with standards set by the University.
  4. Assess future upgrades and modules of the student systems for integration into existing enterprise systems.
  5. Develop and maintain a consistent plan of communication with University constituents that will deliver systems changes, and the ramifications, to those constituents.