Long Distance

Starting July 31, 2018 long distance calls will be charged to your University general ledger account. All calls made before this date will appear on your Century Link account and billed. You may not be able to cancel your Century Link accounts until all calls have been billed and paid. This change will reduce overall costs by eliminating fees, taxes, surcharges and overhead. Service will be provided within one to two business days and problems will be easier to resolve. All requests for service will be handled by your telephone service representative and billing will be processed through the University's general ledger system. Monthly statements will include call detail along with other telecommunications service charges. You will see long distance charges starting with your September statement for August charges.

Frequently asked questions

Who is authorized to request long distance services on departmental telephone lines?

Each dean or department head will appoint a long distance administrator who will be authorized to make long distance service requests. Once this individual has been identified by the dean or department head, Information Technology provides the necessary forms and details to initiate services.

After I submit a request for long distance activation, how long will it take for the service to be available?

One to two business days from receipt of request.

Is it mandatory that we initiate long distance service on our departmental lines?

It is not required that long distance be activated on any or all departmental lines. That is totally up to the department to decide.

What is the long distance rate?

Domestic rates will be 2.9 cents per minute for in-state and out-of-state calling. International call rates are dependent on the particular country called.

What happens to our Century Link account?

You will be automatically switched to the new provider, Windstream. Once your balance with Century Link has been paid, you should submit disconnect requests directly to their disconnect center at businessdisconnects@centurylink.com.

Who do I contact with billing or other service questions?

You should contact your telephone service representatives.

How do I request long distance services?

Contact a telephone service representative to request long distance service.

How do I cancel long distance services?

You may cancel your service at any time by contacting your telephone service representatives.

How do I change a phone line from long distance restricted to unrestricted, or vice-versa?

The department long distance administrator should submit another long distance service request

Can long distance activation be turned on for a fax machine?

Yes, the process is the same for both telephone and fax lines.

Can I activate long distance on a 386-nnnn telephone number?

No, you will need to contact your telephone service representative and request a new telephone number.

How will billing be handled?

You will see your charges and call detail on your monthly Voice and Data Network Services statements that you receive. The statement shows the general ledger transactions for the fund and cost center assigned to the phone number. You may change the fund and cost center for service charges by contacting your telephone service representatives.

Can I still pay with a credit card?

No, all charges for long distance will be processed through the University's general ledger.

Is there an installation or activation charge for this service?

Yes, there is a setup charge of $30  for each request submitted, whether the request includes one or multiple phones.

Will I be able to see call detail?

Yes, details for where calls are made from as well as the destination, call duration and charge, will appear on your statement.

Will the procedure to make a long distance call change?

No, the dialing procedure will not change