Microsoft Software

The Office of Information Technology maintains software purchase agreements with Microsoft Corporation. These agreements provide access to site-licensed software as well as significant discounts for software not covered by site licensing.

WMU site-licensed software

Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) 

This is an annual subscription that provides Windows Operating System version upgrades, along with Microsoft Office software for Windows, Macintosh and mobile platforms.

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Plus: Available for all University-owned PC and Macintosh systems for faculty, staff and lab environments. Please see your departmental IT administrator for assistance with this software.
  • Microsoft Windows Software Assurance: Provides upgrades to currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows Professional/Education/Enterprise software. Note that in order to take advantage of Software Assurance the PC must already have a valid, licensed copy of Windows. Please see your departmental IT administrator for assistance with this software.
  • Microsoft Office 365: All faculty and staff are entitled to up to five downloads of Microsoft Office software (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) by logging into Office 265 (W-Exchange). See Office 365.

Purchasing Microsoft software under WMU SelectPlus agreement

Microsoft software not covered by the existing campus agreement may be purchased at significant discount via WMU's Microsoft SelectPlus agreement. Examples of software available through SelectPlus include:

Microsoft Windows Client software

WMU's Microsoft EES agreement includes Microsoft Windows Software Assurance, covering all University-owned desktop and laptop computers. Software Assurance allows you to update any legally licensed copy of Windows client (desktop/laptop/tablet) operating system to the latest version. Software Assurance also allows you to install any edition of Windows (Home, Professional, Education or Enterprise), regardless of which edition was originally installed on the device.

In order to take advantage of Windows Software Assurance you must first have a valid Windows license for each device. In addition, if you wish to run Windows on a Macintosh under Boot Camp, or on any platform as a virtual machine, you must have a valid Windows license for each Mac or VM instance that runs Windows.

WMU's Microsoft discount programs do not include any version of Windows client software. Windows 10 Home is generally the cheapest version available, and the Software Assurance agreement allows Windows Home to be upgraded.