Reminder Regarding Academic Integrity and Use of WMUnet

Western Michigan University values the exchange of ideas and respects the intellectual work and property of others. Consistent with these values, WMU does not tolerate or condone plagiarism or copyright violations.

All Western Michigan University students, faculty, staff, and any other users of WMU’s computing systems and networks are required to abide by the copyright laws of the United States and the computing and network policies of WMU. It is almost always illegal to use file sharing software, or other means, to download copyrighted music, movies and videos, without the express permission of the owners of those items. Copying and distributing copyrighted software is also illegal unless permission has been given by the copyright owner.

Users of WMU’s computing systems and networks have individual responsibility for their use of resources and may have civil and/or criminal charges brought against them for copyright violations.

WMU complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and cooperates with copyright owners and their agents who file complaints alleging copyright infringement. Student infringers are referred to the University’s Office of Student Conduct and faculty and staff infringers are referred to their departments and/or supervisors for disciplinary action. Network access privileges may be revoked for habitual infringers.

WMU has an interest in protecting legitimate uses of file-sharing and copyrighted materials, as well as protecting the security of our networks. We appreciate your attention to appropriate use of computing resources.