Wireless Comes to ResNet

While students have been away, the network group within the Office of Information Technology has been busy. Wireless connections will be accessible in individual rooms to ResNet (WMU's on-campus residential network) customers in the new Western View apartments as well as residents of the valley residence halls. During summer of 2012, the network group will begin to add wireless connections for the residence halls on main campus, with availability expected for fall, 2012.

While wireless connections offer ResNet residents a greater convenience, they should not be considered the main network connection. Each room will also have wired connections and each resident is encouraged to connect their computer to their wired connection at least every two weeks to assure their computer remains compliant with University network policy. Wireless connections are a shared resource. It is recommended that the wired connection be used for video streaming to not degrade the connection speed for others.

While plugged into a wired port, computers are scanned automatically on a regular basis. The scan assures that the computer is current with security patches for the operating system and has approved anti-virus software installed. Computers that fail the scan are quarantined and removed from the network. Access will be available to the sites required to regain compliance and when the scan is passed successfully, the computer will regain full network access.

Users should be aware that wireless at Western is unencrypted and that a computer on the wireless network is open to possible unauthorized access from other parties on the network. Make sure that any transaction requiring sensitive data, such as login credentials, credit card, banking account numbers and personal information is done only on secure socket layer secured websites. Websites that are secure are identifiable by their Web address, which begins with https instead of http.