Secure FTP Added to the www Server

SFTP (a secure shell file transfer protocol) has been added to and all webmasters are  being asked to click the box for it in the Servers settings of their Dreamweaver sites (Dreamweaver CS 5 and above only).

Departments with an existing Dreamweaver license may upgrade their Dreamweaver to the latest version for free by visiting TotalTECH in the bookstore and signing out the install media. If you have any questions about your license, please contact TotalTech at (269) 387-5460.

Non-secure FTP will continue to work on the Web server until July 1, 2012, at which time it will be removed and SFTP will be required. This change does not affect the homepages Web server.

Departments who cannot upgrade to the latest version of Dreamweaver should download and use Filezilla to transfer Web files. Filezilla is a free file transfer solution that is recommended and supported by the IT computing Help Desk.

Selecting SFTP in Dreamweaver CS5 or higher