Cyber Attack of Ebay Database May Leave Bronco NetID Susceptible

Ebay announced a cyber attack that compromised their customer database. If you were using the same password for eBay as your Bronco NetID password, it is recommended that you change both passwords as soon as possible. Using your Bronco NetID password on other accounts leaves your personal data susceptible when or if the other account is hacked.

In addition, any time a major service using email addresses, such as eBay, is hacked, it leaves those email addresses open to phishing attacks. Be ever watchful for phishing scams. Always hover your mouse over the link in the message provided. If the link is not actually going where the text indicates it is, do not click it. Should you receive an email from what appears to be eBay, and they provide a link for you to change your password, it is recommended that you not follow that link, but instead browse directly to eBay and follow their procedures to change your password.