Mailing Lists


This document establishes rules for obtaining and using mailing lists at Western Michigan University.

Policy statements

There are three options for mailing lists at Western Michigan University. To obtain a mailing list, please submit an ITDirect request.  You will be taken to an ITDirect form and be asked to login using your Bronco NetID and password.

LDAP groups

  • Must be University-related.
  • Must be sponsored by WMU faculty or staff member.
  • Membership is not limited to WMU.
  • Expected traffic levels should be moderate.
  • Name is in format of dept-group at
  • Messages cannot be archived.
  • Can be moderated or members only.
  • Interface is via website.
  • Members cannot self join.

GoWMU groups

  • For WMU members only (student, faculty, staff, or affiliate)
  • May be sponsored by student, faculty or staff

One-time mailing lists

  • Generated for a specific purpose.
  • Takes approximately four hours to add into the email system.
  • Must be sponsored by faculty or staff.
  • Generally usable for only a few days.


LDAP groups are created within the WMU enterprise directory which defines which roles are assigned to students, faculty and staff.

GoWMU groups are a community of people with common interests created within GoWMU. Once a group is created, its members can then post messages, send group announcements, send group emails, chat, share files, and even share photos.

One-time lists are created and used once, for a specific purpose.


Mailing lists are a way to communicate with a number of people by use of a single email address. Whenever someone sends a message to a mailing list address, that message goes out to everyone subscribed to, or a member of the list.


Individuals utilizing WMU mailing lists shall abide by the rules of this policy and shall not violate WMU's mass email policy. Any person found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as defined by current University policy.


Document action 

Revised: February, 2018