ResNet Frequently Asked Questions

Who can connect to ResNet?

Only those living in WMU residence halls, and WMU-owned apartments, may connect to ResNet.

How much does ResNet cost?

All rooms are connected to ResNet, the high-speed residential computing network at Western Michigan University. Each and every resident living in WMU owned apartments and residence halls will be charged an Internet fee. The charge is $80 per semester for fall and spring and $40 each for summer I and summer II. This charge is billed to each student's WMU account.

What do I need to connect to get ResNet?

  • A Bronco NetID
  • Ethernet network interface card (NIC)
  • Ethernet cable (see below)
  • Web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, that is already installed on your computer.
  • If you have an Apple computer, the instructions for connections vary by model. Please call the Help Desk for configuration.

 How do I get connected?

  •  You must have an installed Ethernet card and a standard Ethernet cable.
  • Hubs may be used. Routers and access points may not be used.
  • Turn on your computer and run a Web browser. You will be automatically taken to the ResNet registration page where you register your device. If the registration page does not appear, please contact the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1, for troubleshooting.

 Who can I contact for troubleshooting or questions?

 Help Desk and Mobile Help Desk

  • Username and password questions
  • Internet access troubleshooting
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Internet setup

Do I need an IP address?

Yes, but the IP address will be automatically assigned each time you connect, after you have registered your computer. No action is required on your part.

Do I need to re-register if I move to another room or building?

No. The only time you would need to re-register is if you purchase a new computer, or the semester/session changes. If you sell your old computer, be sure you de-register your old system and have the new owner register in their own name. If you do not, they may continue to use your registration and you will continue to be billed for the charges. Each system is automatically de-registered at the end of each semester/session. You must re-register when you return for the next semester/session.

Can I connect my gaming device?

Yes, you may connect gaming devices, but because of WMU's network access program used in WMU residence halls, your device will have to be manually added to the authorization file. Additional instructions.

 Please note, router, access points, or combo router/access points may not be connected to ResNet.

What about wireless?

Besides the wired jacks in each room, wireless is also available at Western View apartments and in individual rooms in campus residence halls. Wireless is also available in the public areas of all residence halls.

Can I connect my printer to the wireless network?

While technically you can, we do not recommend it. Lack of a static IP address will cause problems and the printer would show up as a device on the wireless network and anyone within range would be able to print to it. It is recommended that all printers be connected to a computing device via a USB cable.

What if I run an operating system such as Linux or Sun Solaris?

We support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Other operating systems, may be compatible although we do not provide service or support.

What is the limit to bandwidth usage for my ResNet connection?

There isn't a set limit, per se, however if your usage is excessive you will receive a notification letter from WMU. See Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations and file sharing safety precautions for more information.