Server Registration

Servers that administer or share resources to multiple clients in a distributed network must be registered in order for the server to have Internet access through the WMU firewall. 

As part of the server registration process, all registered servers will be scanned, at minimum, on a monthly basis, for network vulnerabilities. These scans are designed to help information technology network and systems staff identify and remediate any known vulnerabilities that may interrupt service to the WMU network environment. 

When you fill out the server registration form, you will be asked to select a scheduled day/time for your server’s vulnerability scans. Please be advised, performing the vulnerability scan may cause interruptions to processes that may be running at the time the scan takes place. Please consider the following when selecting your schedule: a) customer inconvenience - the impact to your customers should the scan cause interruption(s), and b) administrator's availability - administrator's ability to respond should the need necessitate.

The server administrator will receive a copy of the scan report. This report gives details on hosts that were scanned and issues that were found. This report should be reviewed carefully. If there are issues identified as “critical", "high" or “medium”, actions to rectify each issue will be required as well as documentation of corrective actions taken. Failure to do so may result in the server being removed from Internet access.

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