Classroom Technology Services

Technology in the classroom is critical to promote student engagement and sustain academic success. The Office of Information Technology manages the deployment, configuration, training, support and maintenance of technology in WMU's OIT supported classrooms.

Office of Information Technology supported classrooms are defined as a room or space generally used for scheduled instruction that require no special, restrictive equipment or configuration. These classrooms are equipped with standard technology defined below and are maintained by OIT. See the list of OIT supported classrooms.

Departments or colleges who would like the Office of Information Technology to provide support for their classrooms should request a consultation and be aware that there are provisioning and recurring funding charges to do so. OIT will assume support of formerly department or college owned classrooms after permanent funding is arranged. See charges.

General purpose classrooms

Classroom technology is provided at three different levels, depending upon the number of students the room is designed for. Level 1 is designed for up to 49 students. Level 2 for 50 to 99 students and level 3 for 100 or more students.

See also classrooms. There is no charge for this service.

Emerging technology for general purpose classrooms

A three-phase process exists for faculty members to request emerging technology be added to general purpose classrooms. See request emerging technology for general purpose  classrooms.


One-on-one hands-on training in the assigned classroom is offered to all teaching faculty members at the beginning of each semester. Training is also available, upon request, throughout the year.

There is no charge for this service.


Instructors may report problems and request immediate attention by pressing the HELP button on the technology cart. They will be connected directly to the classroom technology help desk for voice assistance. If more assistance is needed, a technician will be dispatched to the classroom.

There is no charge for this service.

classroom Standards

Information technology has developed classroom technology standards. These standards will facilitate ease of maintenance and establish a measure of consistency for those using classroom and conference room technology on campus. 

Design, installation and project management services are provided on a time and material basis, which means that funds not used for labor, materials or administrative support are returned to the department at the end of the project. Please request a consultation and corresponding cost estimate in advance of any work starting. See charges.