Conference Rooms

Technology standards

Information technology has developed conference room technology standards. These standards will facilitate ease of maintenance and establish a measure of consistency which benefits those utilizing conference room technology. See standards.

Services will be provided on a time and material basis, which means that funds not used for labor, materials, or administrative support are returned to the customer at the end of the project. Please request a consultation and corresponding cost estimate in advance of any work starting.  See charges.

Web conferencing

Information technology offers Web conferencing as a service to WMU employees. We have purchased Adobe Connect Pro seminar rooms. Seminar rooms are cloud-based Web conferencing rooms that are not licensed to an individual user, but instead can be reserved by anyone who is an employee at WMU with the caveat that only one person at a time may host a conference. The Faculty Technology Center will administer this service by scheduling its use and by providing hands on training in the Faculty Technology Center facility. Online training support will also be available through the vendor. This is intended to be a self-service offering and there is no charge for this service.

Contact the Faculty Technology Center at (269) 387-6958 to schedule a Web conference or hands on training.