Phone Services


WMU Residence Halls

Students living in WMU Residence Halls will have local phone service at no charge. Students must provide their own phone.

Faculty and Staff

The Office of Information Technology provides telephone and conference call services, you may choose from several options.

Phone Options

Voice Over IP Phones

VoIP phones utilize existing Ethernet connections. New buildings on campus, and or areas remodeled all telephones are being replaced with new VoIP phones. Only the Cisco VoIP phones provided by the Office of Information Technology will work with WMU's Ethernet connections.

The University has a long-term goal of eventually replacing all office phones with VoIP phones, which offer enhanced services, compared to the old analog phones. Since VoIP phones use the existing Ethernet infrastructure, the University will see a long-term savings in no longer having to support a separate multi-million dollar phone system.

Analog Phones

Analog phones are the standard touch-tone phone that are typically provided in WMU faculty and staff offices. There are two types to choose from:

Single line +

This telephone has only one line. This type of phone allows speed dial for programming of phone card numbers, and includes a "hands free" or speakerphone feature as well as a message waiting light for voicemail and a flash or tap key. The flash or tap key is used to access and control a variety of telephone functions, like hold, callback, forward all, etc. There is no caller ID function for a single line phone. This phone utilizes an analog signal.

There are charges for phones and installation. For more information, contact a service representative.

Multi-line (dterm)

Two types of multi-line phones are available, 8 line and 16 line. These phones use a digital signal and can hold up to 8 or 16 different lines, respectively. Included features with both types of multi line phones are hold, recall, 3-way conference calling, redial, speakerphone and hold. The 16 line phone also comes with 16 programmable speed keys. Both multi line phones also include a caller ID function.

There are charges for phones and installation. For more information, contact a service representative.

Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach allows you to answer incoming calls to your WMU VoIP phone using an alternate phone, such as a mobile phone. When an incoming call rings your primary desk phone, it will also ring an alternate phone number simultaneously. To request this function, contact a service representative. There is a fee for this service and it is not available for analog phones.

Conference Calls

The Office of Information Technology has established special WMU pricing for audio conferencing through InterCall, a third party provider. This is a for-fee-service, provided and billed by InterCall.

To establish your InterCall no commitment account:


Employees are offered basic voicemail for office phone numbers at no charge through their departments. Basic voicemail is private and can hold up to 15 messages. It has many features such as future delivery messaging, group lists, and message delivery confirmation.

Higher classes of voicemail are available for an additional one-time charge. The higher-level voicemail holds more messages, allows two different greetings, and can include such options as out calling, call transfer on reply, and facsimile integration.

Order Voicemail services by contacting a service representative.

Western Michigan University is currently in process of transitioning to the W-Exchange voicemail system. If you have W-Exchange voicemail please visit for more information.

VOIP Phone InstructionsServices Orientation


  • Campus extensions may be dialed using the last five digits of the telephone number, e.g. 7-1000
  • Local calls - dial 9 + number
  • Long distance (service has to be activated on phone) - dial 9 + 1 + area code + phone number
  • International calls (service has to be activated on phone) - dial 8 + 011 + country code + city code + local number
  • 800 numbers - dial 9 + 1 + 800 + seven digits


Order voicemail by contacting your service representative.

To set up your new voicemail box:
  • Dial 7-4000
  • Enter your temporary 5-digit password
  • Choose and input your permanent 5-15 digit password (zero cannot be the first digit)
  • Follow the recorded prompts to record your name and personal greeting
  • Hang up telephone
  • Pick up handset, dial *4, then 74000 and hang up
To retrieve messages:
  • Dial 7-4000 on campus, or (269) 387-4000 from off campus
  • Enter your password if calling from campus or # and your 5-digit phone number followed by your password if calling from off campus
  • Your messages will begin playing