Spam, Phishing and Abuse Email

Spam email

Spam email is content neutral, unsolicited bulk mailings. WMU utilizes a product for malware and spam processing. Spam messages that you do receive should be deleted. See also Spam Email.

Phishing email

Phishing is an online scam involving email that appears to be from a trusted source, such as WMU. For example, indicating that your W-Exchange account is going to expire or has run out of quota and you must click a link to rectify it. Always hover your mouse pointer over the link to see where it will really take you. If it does not match the text of the link do not click it. You may compromise not only your computer, but the WMU network, and your own personal data.  You may simply delete the message, or, if it appears to be from WMU, forward it, as an attachment, to See also forwarding suspect messages and phishing.

Abuse email

Abuse email relates to inappropriate behavior, such as stalking and/or harassment type messages. If you receive one of these messages, forward it, as an attachment, to For information on forwarding a message as an attachment, please see forwarding suspect messages.

Questions should be directed to the Help Desk, (269) 387-4357, or