Information for Staff

Access online services

  • Bronco NetID: All employees receive a Bronco NetID and temporary password upon hire. After activation, this is used to access online services. To activate, visit, click First Time Logging in? and follow the instructions. See also Bronco NetID services and quotasPasswords expire every six months and reminders to change your password will begin at 42 days from expiration and continue at regular times until the password expires. All will include the link to changing your password. See Password Policy.
  • GoWMU: is WMU's intranet portal and where most secure online transactions take place. You may also access campus and individual announcements, payroll information, Elearning, email and much more. Login using your Bronco NetID and password. Login information should never be shared with anyone, including WMU staff. You may customize GoWMU to suit your needs. See also GoWMU self help.

Authentication services


  • Google Apps for Education: Cloud-based, online collaboration tools from Google's suite of apps. 
  • Mailing lists: four options for obtaining and using mailing lists.
  • Office 365 ProPlus: Desktop versions of Microsoft Office provided at no cost to WMU students, faculty and staff for personal use.
  • Microsoft software licensing
  • SharePoint: For use as departmental intranets and long term data distribution to closed groups. 
  • W-Exchange: For email, chat, file sharing and more with projects and collaboration groups.
  • Webex: Provides; web conferencing, personal meeting rooms, screen sharing, interactive training environments, large-scale online events, and integration with W-Exchange email.

Conference rooms

Creative Software

Data governance

  • Data governance at Western Michigan University was established through approval of the Data and Systems Governance Policy as of September 2013.


  • Email addresses are in the format of firstname.lastname at This is your official email address that is used by WMU for all official email notifications, including the bi-weekly WMU Today faculty/staff e-newsletter. All email to students should be sent using their official WMU email addresses, which may be done from within Elearning. 
  • Email is delivered to* and may be accessed by going directly there or by clicking the Email icon within GoWMU. Deleted email will be held in the Deleted items folder for 90 days before moving to the Recover deleted items folder for an additional 30 days. After that they will be removed from the system and not retrievable. More information.
  • Departmental account: Used to provide an email address, typically for websites, that is not tied to a specific person's name or account.
  • Email self help
  • Mailing lists: rules for creating and using mailing lists at WMU.
  • Mailing List Manager: application for managing your WMU mailing lists.
  • Spam, phishing and abuse email

 Get connected

  • Anti-virus: All devices connecting to WMU networks must have anti-virus software installed and all vendor-supplied security patches installed for the operating system. Departmental IT support staff should configure anti-virus software on WMU-owned devices. Symantec Endpoint Protection is provided as a free download for personal use as long as you are employed by WMU. All devices being connected will go through a registration process automatically the first time one connects to the WMU network.
  • Wireless: is available all over campus, both inside and outside. Use WMU Secure wireless for encrypted wireless connections.
  • Ethernet connections: should be used while connected at work. 
  • VPN is available for secure encrypted connections and is required by University policy if confidential/restricted access to data is occurring. 
  • eduroam: WMU is a member of eduroam which allows students, faculty and staff to use their WMU Bronco NetID login criteria to log in to wireless eduroam networks at other schools, worldwide.
  • More information

Get help

  • Classroom technology: See what technology is installed in general purpose classrooms and receive training for that technology.
  • Help Desk: Located on the second floor of the University Computing Center, it serves walk-in traffic as well as phone calls (269) 387-4357, and emails to
  • Training: Online training resources, are available for free to WMU employees.
  • Unit IT support: Most departments/colleges have their own IT support staff who can provide assistance.

GoWMU and official communications

  • GoWMU is WMU's intranet portal. It is a secure location to conduct personal business and allows access to course schedules and teaching assignments, class lists and worksheets, grades, course offerings and campus forms. Official University announcements may also be found in both the campus announcement and individualized announcement channels.
  • WMU Today: Marketing and Strategic Communications uses this weekly (Tuesdays) e-newsletter to keep employees abreast of pertinent information.

Infrastructure services

  • Infrastructure services: Backups, digital certificates, disk storage, hosting and management, server registration and scanning.

Operations and scanning services

Phone services 


  • Computing policies: Policies sponsored by the Office of Information Technology specific to use of computing resources and data security at WMU.
  • University policies: Other policies sponsored by WMU and/or other departments.



  • Surveys in support of business and research needs.

Server registration


All IT-related products are reviewed by the Office of Information Technology prior to acquiring to ensure that the products will work within the University's computing and network architecture.


  • Traveling securelyrecommendations for travel when taking mobile devices.
  • eduroam: WMU is a member of eduroam which allows students, faculty and staff to use their WMU Bronco NetID login criteria to log in to wireless eduroam networks at other schools, worldwide.
  • VPN is available for secure encrypted connections and must be used to access your WMU email if traveling out of the country.
  • WMU Guest: You may grant your campus visitors access to the WMU Guest wireless network.