IT Community COVID-19 Response

Comprised of over 150 professionals, the IT community at WMU is collaborating to respond to the critical needs of students, faculty, and staff to maintain instructional and business continuity during the COVID-19 period. 


This is a list of key response efforts being led by the  WMU IT community. Please contact Adam Newsted to provide updates to this list  

Updated 2/18/2021

  • 3D-printed Medical Face Shields

    Several units at WMU are contributing to the development of 3D-printed medical face shields for healthcare workers.

    See 3D Printing COVID-19 Response

    • Status: Complete
    • Contact(s): Dylan Ledbetter, Office of Information Technology
  • Alternative Internet Options

    Provide students with information about alternative internet access options that they may leverage while they are living and studying outside of the campus community.

    • Status: Complete, see alternative internet options
    • Support Contact(s): OIT Help Desk
    • Web Content Manager: Gary Barton, Office of Information Technology
  • Bookable Consultation Appointments

    Microsoft Bookings has been implemented to allow instructors to schedule appointments with subject matter experts in WMUx and OIT to consult on instructional design, Microsoft Teams, and Webex

  • Elearning course for IT community

    Create an Elearning course that is available to all IT personnel for learning and support purposes. All 171 individuals who are considered technical personal by Human Resources have been added to the course

    • Status: Complete
    • Elearning Contact(s): Brian Carnell, WMUx
    • Technical Contact(s): Bruce Paananen, OIffice of Information Technology
  • Electronic Signature (eSignature)

    A project team is developing a shared strategy to provide electronic signature capabilities through a single University DocuSign contract to address the immediate needs to maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 closure as well as long-term needs to transition from paper-based workflows to electronic formats.

    • Status: Complete, several units have established contracts with DocuSign
    • Contact(s): Thomas Marquardt, Office of Information Technology
  • GoWMU Teaching, Learning and Technology Resources Channel

    The new channel provides content for students and faculty that links to

    • Status: Complete GoWMU Faculty & Staff and Student tabs.
    • Content Contact(s): Garald Barton, Office of Information Technology
    • Technical Contact: Bruce Paananen, Office of Information Technology
  • GoVPN (Virtual Private Network)

    GoVPN is a lightweight VPN for non-IT staff, students and faculty working remotely. It also enables student access to computer lab software during the distance education period and is not a replacement for the existing VPN.

    Technical Implementation

    • Status: Complete
    • Contact(s): Jim Cotton, Office of Information Technology

    Web Content and Learning Resources

  • Lab and Specialized Software Access

    Access to computer lab workstations and specialized software for students

    Distance Education Software Access

    Remote Desktop Access to Computer Labs

    Application Streaming Service Proof of Concept (AppsAnywhere)

    • Description: A proof of concept is being performed to test the AppsAnywhere technology which enables students to run limited-license software on their personal computers on-demand that is normally only available on-campus computer lab workstations.
    • Status: Planning
    • Learn more: AppsAnywhere by Software2
    • Contact(s): Tom Marquardt, Office of Information Technology
  • Microsoft Teams


    • Status: Complete
    • Training sessions providided: 8
    • Contact(s): Adam Newsted, Office of Information Technology

    Learning Resources

    • Status: Complete, see W-Exchange Teams
    • Contact(s): Gary Barton, Office of Information Technology
  • Remote Desktop Support to Employees

    OIT TeamViewer License Expansion

    Investigate options for expanding OIT's TeamViewer license for use by other units to provide remote assistance

    • Status: Complete
    • Contact(s): Missy Bininger and Dylan Ledbetter, Office of Information Technology
  • Remote Work Resources

    Remote Work Resources web pages have been created to provide guidance, content, and support for employees who are telecommuting

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser

    Respondus lockdown browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system

  • Webex Personal Rooms

    Provide training, learning resources and consultative support to faculty for Webex Personal Meeting Rooms which enable faculty to host their synchronous class dialogue online.

    Quick Start Sessions

    • Status: Complete
    • Sessions provided: 16+

    Remote Support Consultation

    Learning Resources

    • Status: In Progress, see Webex
    • Contact(s): Gary Barton, Office of Information Technology
  • Webex Training and Breakouts

    Develop learning resources and guides for Webex Training and Breakouts, which enable faculty to provide large presentations and more interactivity such as Q&A, testing (before and after presentation), and organize break out sessions where participants can meet in private rooms without leaving the presentation.

    Learning Resources

    • Status: Complete, see Webex Training
    • Contact(s): Faculty Technology Center
  • WMU Login & Help Desk Blog

    COVID-19 and Distance Education Support notice

    Provides link on WMU Login (CAS) to ensure students know where to get official information

      • Status: Complete - see Help Desk Blog post
      • Content Contact(s): Gary Barton, Office of Information Technology

    Ongoing Login Page Alerts

      Login page alerts during the COVID-19 distance education period will be limited to essential communications only
      • Status: Ongoing, see Help Desk Blog
      • Content Contact(s): OIT Help Desk or Strategic Project and Service Management teams