Wireless (Wi-Fi) access is available in all academic and administrative buildings and most outdoor spaces at WMU.  Wi-Fi is also available in the public areas and individual rooms of residence halls and in Stadium Drive and Western View apartments. Wi-Fi is expected to be available in Goldsworth Valley apartments for fall 2018.

Wi-Fi connection options

  • WMU Secure: Once your device is configured, this option will show up and your transmissions will be automatically encrypted. More information about WMU Secure.
  • WMU Guest: Allow your visitors to have Wi-Fi access by providing the WMU Guest which you have obtained on GoWMU to them. More information about WMU Guest.
  • WMU Open: This option is not secured and transmissions are not encrypted. Unless you do not have access to WMU Secure, it is recommended to not use WMU Open.
  • eduroam: Secure roaming access service. Your Bronco NetID and password can be used to access this service at participating institutions world-wide. More information about eduroam.

Wi-Fi capability

  • The Wi-Fi network is designed to facilitate short-duration connections to the network from convenient locations.
  • The Wi-Fi network is a shared medium and depending on usage levels at a particular access point, it could be slow or occasionally even drop a connection.
  • If sustained high speed connectivity is required, a wired connection is suggested.

Wi-Fi security

Be aware that Wi-Fi connections are  less secure than wired connections.

  • Be cautious about what sort of information you transmit. Sensitive information should only be transmitted if the information is encrypted during transmission. 
  • Do not enter any personal (login name and password, credit card or other) information unless the URL of the website you visit begins with https. 
  • Using WMU's VPN or WMU Secure wireless will encrypt connections from your device to the access point. 
  • If you need assistance in determining if a site you are connecting to is encrypted or not, please contact the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1 or email to helpdesk@wmich.edu.

Wi-Fi for special events

Wi-Fi requests for special events involving a large number of people who need simultaneous Wi-Fi access in the same location should be scheduled well in advance by contacting oit-infrastructure@wmich.edu. They will be able to determine if sufficient network connectivity exists to support the event and the activity. It may be necessary to move the location of the event/activity, upgrade the network at the event location, or change the number of people or connectivity requirements of the event. 

Report a Wi-Fi issue

Taking the time to report an issue with Wi-Fi in a particular location will help us analyze access points and strategically plan updates.