2017 Speakers

The ICHITA-WM IT Forum Joint Conference hosted speakers holding the roles of vice president, senior analyst, CIO, executive director, consultant, professor and more, from a variety of major organizations and universities.

  • Joe Adams

    Joe Adams - Vice President for Research and Cyber Security, Merit (Keynote Presentation)

  • Danny Cook

    Danny Cook - Special Agent, FBI Cyber Sqaud (Special Presentation)

  • Mingsen Deng

    Mingsen Deng - Dean, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, China (Special Presentation)

  • Doug Dietzman
    Doug Dietzman - Executive Director, Great lakes Health Connect (Special Presentation)

  • Qihong Fu

    Qihong Fu - Dean, Guizhou Medical University, China (Special Presentation)

  • Ash Goel

    Ash Goel - Senior Vice President, Bronson Healthcare (Discussion Moderator)

  • Brendan O'Connell

    Brendan O'Connell - Cloud Security Evangelist, Cisco (Keynote Presentation)

  • Carey Pachla

    Carey Pachla - President of the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and President of Fast Switch (Special Presentation)

  • Tim Pletcher

    Tim Pletcher - Executive Director, Michigan health Information Network Shared Services. (Opening Keynote Presentation)

  • Alan Rea

    Alan Rea - Professor, WMU Computer Information Systems (Luncheon Presentation)

  • Joel Sundman
    Joel Sundman - Cloud Technologies Manager, Whirlpool (Special Presentation)

  • Cindy Swiantek
    Cindy Swiantek - Senior Vice President, Coaching Connection (Discussion Session)