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The 5th International Conference on Health Information Technology Advancement, hosted by Western Michigan University's Center for Health Care Information Technology Advancement, offers sessions related to challenging issues and best practices for healthcare transition using Information Technology; innovative use of modern healthcare platforms and technologies, including Smart medical devices, applications and wearable health systems for better patient care outcomes at affordable costs; and research findings related to the topics listed below:

  • Wearable Device Design, Adoption and Outcomes  
  • Patient Satisfaction and Empowerment using HIT
  • Best Practices in Health IT Systems Implementation and Adoption   
  • Physician/Nurse Workflow Design
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Big Data Analytics in Healthcare 
  • New Standards in Health Information Exchange and Compliance 
  • Analytics for Clinical Decision Making 
  • Promotion of Patient Self-care Management with HIT
  • Healthcare Marketing in the Digital Era      
  • Public Health Education Through Stakeholders
  • Role of IT in Healthcare Policy Implementation and Compliance   
  • Quality Care and Patients in an HIT Environment
  • Impact of User Generated Content on Payer and Provider 
  • Relationship-Centered Healthcare Using HIT
  • Design, Implementation and Adoption of Health IT Systems 
  • Simulation and Models of Patient Care Processes
  • IT for Organizational Resource Management and Strategic Planning  
  • Smart Health and Well-being Technology
  • Globalized and Sustainable Healthcare Practice
  • Social Networking for Health Enhancement
  • Cloud Based Services in Healthcare  
  • Standardization/Policy of Care Delivery Processes
  • Healthcare Education, Literacy and  Disaster Planning
  • Tele-health and Telemedicine Solutions
  • Health IT Systems for Physically and Cognitively Challenged  
  • User Acceptance of Patient-centric Healthcare
  • Health Information Privacy and Management
  • Visual and GIS enabled Portals for Patients
  • HIT for Physician Engagement/Empowerment
  • Web Savvy Patient-centric Care Using Social Media
  • Interoperability of Healthcare Information Systems
  • Workforce Retraining in the HIT Enabled Organization

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Important Dates

  • Abstract (Research in Progress): July 15, 2019
  • Full papers submission deadline: August 31, 2019
  • Acceptance notification deadline: September 20, 2019

Note: Full papers in English containing original research contents are solicited. The paper should be in APA format. High quality papers will be selected for presentation and publication in the Transactions of the International Conference on Health Information Technology Advancement – 2019. Note: The two (three) best papers will receive “Conference Research Awards” and selected high quality papers will be further reviewed and published as a special issue of International Journal of Health Information Systems and Informatics.


Contact Conference Coordinator Cait Smith: (269) 387-5411 | Email Cait Smith