Instructional Technology Committee

A committee of the Faculty Senate Academic and Information Technology Council

The Instructional Technology Committee researches and recommends current and emerging instructional technologies for adoption at Western Michigan University.


The Instructional Technology Committee is charged with researching and recommending current and emerging instructional technologies for adoption at Western Michigan University. The committee will conduct assessments to determine technologies currently in use by faculty and determine appropriate forms of support based on the findings. The committee will also evaluate current maturity of various instructional technologies and make recommendations for transitioning from older, unsupported technologies to technologies currently supported by WMU.


The committee goal is to provide support for effective, quality teaching and learning through the appropriate use of instructional technology.


  1. Provide recommendations to the chief information officer and the vice provost for Extended University Programs on emerging and current instructional technologies, recommended support levels, technology maturity, and retirement of technologies that can no longer be supported in our current infrastructure or support models.
  2. Survey faculty on technologies that are currently in use. Determine appropriate support levels for those technologies. Investigate future faculty needs.
  3. Provide the IT Help Desk with information on instructional technologies currently supported by Western Michigan University.
  4. Collaborate with faculty development on dissemination of information regarding supported technologies.
  5. Support faculty in the use of technology. Develop supporting materials on appropriate use and how the technology is supported at Western Michigan University
  6. Create and document plans for transitioning from older to newer technology.
  7. Confer on a frequent basis with Academic and Information Technology Council of the Faculty Senate


  • Brian Carnell, extended university programs
  • Brian Horvitz, educational leadership, research and technology
  • Christine Browning, mathmatics
  • Derrick McIver, management
  • Edward Eckel, university libraries
  • Arnold Taylor, information technology
  • Gwen Bostic, information technology
  • John Mackenzie, information technology
  • Greg Lozeau, information technology
  • Julie Apker, faculty development
  • Bryon Glock, extended university programs
  • Tom Wolf, information technology
  • Dean Johnson, electrical and computer engineering
  • Pat Vander Meer - university libraries