Survey Coordination Committee

The Survey Coordination Committee is charged with maintaining a record of campus surveys that involve a significant number of the university's constituents. This will include both regularly scheduled surveys and one-time surveys. This information will be used by the committee to eliminate unnecessary and duplicate data collection, help coordinate surveys to maximize response rates and quality of results, alter units to existing data, and ensure compliance with existing University policies.

Committee Membership

Anne Lundquist (co-chair), director of student affairs strategic planning and assessment

David Reinhold (co-chair), associate provost for assessment and undergraduate studies

Whitney DeCamp, associate professor of sociology

Chris Coryn, director of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation

Jason Jach, associate director of institutional research

Julie Scott or Greg Lozeau, office of information technology

Vacant, office of the vice president for research

Vacant, office of budget and finance