New IT Strategic Master Plan

Read the Project Charter (view accessible version here)


The Office of Information Technology, in coordination with divisional and department  IT staff, is developing a  University information technology strategic master plan that reflects the shared vision and goals of the entire Western Michigan University information technology community.  This plan will guide, enhance and transform the delivery of more consistent, efficient, improved and cost-effective  services at WMU. The result of this project will be a single planning document containing the shared vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies that will guide all IT teams and a new IT strategic  planning and governance model will be developed to ensure long-term oversight and success of the plan.

Core Themes

The Goals, objectives and strategies developed for the IT strategic master plan will include the following


Enhance the foundational information technology, infrastructure and resources to provide accessible, reliable and secure access to the University community.


Provide efficient, comprehensive governance and support structures to simplify the use of technology and information services and facilitate continued process improvement.


Integrate emerging and innovative technologies and practices to promote the use of information and data to distinguish the university as a global leader in higher education.