Advisory Committee

Takashi Yoshida

Director, Soga Japan Center
Professor, Department of History
(269) 387-4635

Jeffrey Angles
Professor, Department of World Languages and Literatures
(269) 387-3044

Jane E. Blyth
Executive Director, Haenicke Institute for Global Education 
Affiliate Professor of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies
(269) 387-3954

Stephen Covell
Chair and Professor, Department of Comparative Religion 
(269) 387-4365

Richard DePeaux
Professor, Frostic School of Art
(269) 387-5387

Pavel G. Ikonomov
Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
(269) 276-3284

Hiroaki Kaku
Assistant Professor, Center for Immunobiology
(269) 337-4400

Priscilla Lambert
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
(269) 387-5693

Carlos Pimentel
Assistant Professor, Department of World Languages and Literatures
(269) 387-3005

Diane Riggs
Faculty Specialist I, Department of Comparative Religion
(269) 387-0346

Rika Saito
Associate Professor of Japanese, Department of World Languages and Literatures
(269) 387-3020

Lisa Whittaker
Associate Professor, College of Aviation
(269) 387-0674

Ying Zeng
Director of Asian Initiatives, Haenicke Institute for Global Education
(269) 387-3840