Lab Printing

The lab printing system is available in most student labs on campus. Printing is tracked in these labs using a token value system with students provided a fresh token quota each semester*, based on their student status. Tokens are allocated the Friday before a semester begins. See labs using the printing system.

* Summer I and summer II are combined and count as one semester. 

Student quotas per semester

  • Undergraduates: 500 tokens
  • Graduate/Ph.D.: 750 tokens
  • Engineering: 1,000 tokens
  • CELCIS: 100 tokens
  • Not enrolled: 50 tokens

Print values

  • Black and white, any size: 1 token
  • Color, any size: 5 tokens

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available to all Western Michigan University students. You can print wirelessly to various locations throughout campus using your own personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

Missing Tokens

Students who enroll after tokens are allocated will not receive their token quota until the day after the add / drop deadline. Please visit IT Direct to report token quota issues.


Student accounts are billed at the end of each semester, if they printed over their available token quota. The current cost of a token is three cents, e.g. if a student has a token balance of -600, their student account will be billed $18.00 at the end of the semester.

Checking quota and print history

image showing printing balance

Printing quota and history may be checked by clicking the My Lab Printing Account link in the My Self-Service channel in GoWMU. It may also be checked in a computer lab by opening the lab printing balance window.

Requesting refunds for misprints

Please see here for requesting print refunds.