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This page provides resources and information for currently enrolled WMU HESA students. Please contact the HESA faculty coordinator, Dr. Ramona Lewis, if you see information that needs to be updated.  Fall 2016 Dinner

HESA handbook

Academic requirements

Field experience and capstone experience


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Visit the Graduate Appointee section of the Graduate College website information: https://wmich.edu/grad/current-students/appointments.

Questions about Graduate Appointments (GA’s) pay and processing are directed to the Graduate College at grad_awards@wmich.edu.

Students who hold GA’s and have not seen their tuition pay out, please consider the following. If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, then tuition will pay out during the two weeks after census. Census for each semester is after the drop/add deadline.

Are you enrolled for less than six credits? Did you submit a permission to under enroll form?

  • Under-enrollment form – students who hold a GA and are registered for less than 6 credits on a graduate appointment need to complete the under enrollment form and submit for faculty advisor approval.
  • Are you taking a EUP, off-campus, or online course?
  • Elect Extended University Program (EUP) form - students who hold a GA and are taking off-campus and online courses for inclusion in graduate program of study, need to complete this form and submit to faculty advisor for approval

All these forms may be found at http://www.wmich.edu/grad/forms

funding and scholarships

ELRT funding sources: https://wmich.edu/leadership/funding

Additional Student affairs and higher education resources