Library Facts 2018-19

Each year, we gather statistics for the Association of College and Research Libraries and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) surveys. Here are some highlights from our 2018-19 fiscal year. Unless otherwise stated, they cover all branches of Western Michigan University Libraries.


The Libraries employed 23 librarians, 44 support staff and 27 student assistants to provide information services and resources for the WMU community.

Use and Services

  • Library personnel handled 55,925 research queries in person, by phone and online.
  • Librarians provided 554 instructional sessions and workshops reaching 11,066 participants.
  • Annual gate count was 617,343 in 2018 with about 13,835 people coming into the Libraries in an average week in Fall semester.
  • 40,077 physical items were checked out during the year (not counting renewals).
  • WMU Libraries borrowed 7,951 items for WMU users from other libraries and lent 21,725 from our collections to other libraries.
  • The Libraries' website was visited 223,105 times.
  • WMU users retrieved 999,586 articles and 852,587 e-books and media items.
  • There were 1,723,667 downloads worldwide from WMU’s institutional repository (ScholarWorks). 
  • 2,125,796 pages were printed in the Libraries.


  • Physical books (titles): 1,283,763
  • Electronic books: 1,000,146
  • Physical subscriptions (includes titles that are no longer active): 142,313
  • Electronic subscriptions: 104,655
  • Online databases: 718
  • Physical media titles (audio/visual): 148,559
  • Digital media titles: 227,979
  • Items uploaded to WMU’s institutional repository: 31,472