Digitized Collections

Our research libraries are more than books. The WMU Libraries' digitization goal is to bring patrons unique items through our online digital collections. These include historically significant items from the WMU collections: diaries, photographs, maps, manuscripts, artwork, presidential letters, blueprints, and more. They are selected from WMU Libraries’ collections including: Archives and Regional History Collections, Rare Books, Map Collection, WMU departments, and regional partners. All collections can be browsed, and most are searchable.

These special digital collections are designed with classroom support, and community collaboration in mind. They are available under 'Fair Use' guidelines - see copyright information. Collections can also be found in: Library Search - WMU library catalog, MeLCat - Michigan elibrary catalog, and WorldCat - world library catalog.

African American History Book
"Michigan Manual of Freedmen's Progress" book, 1915 edition, fully digitized including photographs, charts, and searchable text in pdf format.

Augustinian (8 July 1905 - 27 December 1930) and Kalamazoo Augustinian (19 December 1896 - 1 July 1905)
The Augustinian was a Catholic newspaper and included news of area Catholic churches, schools, and organizations. The run is not complete but represents about 35 years of content from 1896 to 1930.

Beer, Food, and Home Comfort: Domestic Collections at WMU
Selections of recipes and directions for brewing and cooking for the home, from the 18th century through early 20th century. The collection includes both early published works and original, handwritten home cookbooks.

Caroline Bartlett Crane Everyman's House Collection
Items include a mix of blueprints, letters, photos and a book from the nationally recognized home design built in Kalamazoo, Michigan, by Caroline Bartlett Crane. All images have comprehensive metadata, and the capability to zoom in on details.

Cistercian Liturgical Research Resources from the Cistercian Studies Collection at WMU
Contains the full run of Liturgy O.S.C.O, the journal edited by Father Chrysogonus Waddell of Gethsemani Abbey; Cistercian Liturgy Series; and selections from the Chrysogonus Waddell Archive.

Cistercian Reference Works
The Cistercian Reference works collection provides digital access to important and hard-to-find works on the Cistercian Order and will eventually include works such as bibliographies, dictionaries, biographical and geographical material and indexes.

CONTENTdm Collections at WMU
Access to WMU collections on the CONTENTdm image database platform.

Costume History Collection
This collection is currently comprised of four books housed in the Special Collections and Rare Books Room of Waldo Library. Each of these books illustrates aspects of dress from the mid-18th century to the mid-19th century.

An African-American newspaper based in Kalamazoo, Focus began publication on June 10, 1965, and was published biweekly from June 10, 1965, to July 14/28, 1966. It was published monthly beginning with July 28, 1966, and in April 1968, the title was changed to Focus News.

Focus News
Kalamazoo’s longest continuously produced newspaper reporting on news of interest to the African-American community, 1968 - 1982.

Instructional Image Catalog
Digital images gathered from the Visual Resources Library collection of slides and digital images for instruction and research. This collection is restricted to WMU students, faculty, and staff.

Index Map Collection
Index maps for map series and sets, such as AMS (Army Map Service), visually annotated to show local WMU Libraries holdings.

Kalamazoo News (23 August 1979 - 19 February 1987)
The Kalamazoo News was an alternative weekly newspaper that was published by John Prange from August 23, 1979 to February 19, 1987. It focused primarily on regional news.

LUNA Insight Collections at WMU
Access to all the WMU collections on the LUNA image database platform. For collections hosted on the LUNA platform from other organizations see: LUNA commons.org

Medieval Document Collection
Contains materials from the Special Collections and Rare Book Department of Western Michigan University Libraries: antiphonary, glossed Bible pages, legal scroll, etc.

Medieval Manuscript Variants in Aelfric of Eynsham's Catholic Homilies
A project intended to make available and preserve the results of many years of compilation activity by Professors Peter Clemoes and Malcolm Godden, two scholars engaged in the study of Aelfric of Eynsham's Catholic Homilies. A sample of homilies is now available, and new homilies are being added as resources allow. Also included is a digitized version of WMU's copy of A Testimonie of Antiqvitie of 1566?, the earliest edition of one of the Catholic Homilies.

Pages from the Past: original leaves from rare books and manuscripts
Contains 149 items, dating between between 2500 BCE and 1894 CE., and includes a Babylonian cuneiform tablet, leaves of handwritten manuscript codices, as well as leaves of incunabula, Hand Press Period books and newspapers, as well as nineteenth-century books.

Performances from the WMU School of Music
This collection contains selected concerts and recitals from the WMU School of Music from the 1970s to the present, primarily graduate recitals and concerts by student ensembles. Concert programs are available for public viewing but digitized recordings are restricted to on-campus use only.

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) Demo
Example of an African beaded necklace produced as a QTVR movie from 72 separate photographs of the item.

Relaçión general de Álvar Nv'ñez Cabeça de Vaca
Comentarios de Álvar Nv'ñez Cabeça de Vaca
(Early Americas, Medieval Spanish Documents)
A Spanish Department collaborative grant project which includes two Cabeza de Vaca transcriptions of 16th century manuscripts at the Early Americas Digital Archive.

ScholarWorks at WMU
A digital showcase of the research, scholarly, and creative output of members of the Western Michigan University community. The repository is administered by WMU Libraries and serves as a permanent digital archive for these materials.

Selected Examples of Print Images
Depicting a history of print methods with analysis and technical information.

South Asia Map Collection
This collection is made up of intermediate scale maps published by the Army Map Service primarily in the 1940s and 1950s. It covers Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Burma.

South Haven Michigan Lighthouse Logs
Lighthouse keeper logs for the South Pierhead Light, South Haven, Michigan, from 1872 to 1880. The bulk of the logs were recorded by James S. Donahue who served as the keeper of the South Haven station for most of the period from 1872 to 1887.

United States Civil War Collection
Diaries and more from the mid-1860s, with full transcriptions, extensive metadata, and categories for browsing.

Western Herald Archive
The Western Herald is the longest continuous publication on Western’s campus. The digitized Western Herald Archive includes a largely complete run of the newspaper from 1916 to 2009.

WMU Libraries Portfolio Collection
Images of diverse items demonstrating Digitization Center services. The collection contains copyrighted materials.

WMU Archives Photograph Collection
Contains images from Western Michigan University's history. The collection includes images of campus and campus life, buildings, and individual and group images of students, faculty, staff, and administration.

World War I and World War II: Personal Narratives
Photograph albums, scrapbooks, postcards and letters detailing the soldier’s experience in WWI and WWII.

World War II Propaganda Collections
The Howard Mowen Collection and the Edwin W. Polk Collection are two significant donations that now form a unified collection of Nazi German and Allies publications, photographs, and ephemera known as the N.S.D.A.P. Collection.

Ward Morgan Photography Collection
A collection of commercial photographs showing mid-20th century culture in the Kalamazoo, Michigan, area. View in CONTENTdm, the Ward Morgan categories of photos in Making of Modern Michigan Web interface or LUNA image databases.

Yearbooks of Western Michigan University
Yearbooks from 1906 through 1975 available in digital form as searchable pdf files (some pdf files are very large). Also available through ScholarWorks.