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Cistercian antiphonary and hymnal circa 1173 to 1291.Medieval Document Collection

This digital collection includes antiphonary, glossed Bible pages, a legal scroll and many other unique materials. Originals are housed in the Special Collections and Rare Book Room at Western Michigan University.

Preface from a sermon by Aelfric of Eynsham on the Eucharist.Medieval Manuscript Variants in Aelfric of Eynsham's Catholic Homilies

Aelfric of Eynsham was an English abbot. This digital collection contains homilies written by him, including WMU’s copy of “A Testimonie of Antiqvities,” dated 1566.

Screenshot from the website containing the trascription of 16th century manuscript by Cabeza de Vaca.Relaçión general de Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

Comentarios de Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

This project, which includes two Cabeza de Vaca transcriptions of 16th century manuscripts at the Early Americas Digital Archive, was a collaborative grant project with WMU’s Spanish Department.

Melody page from a twelfth century Cistercian hymnal.Cistercian Liturgy Series

Written by Chrysogonus Waddell, a monk and scholar, this series includes the study of a 12th- century Cistercian hymnal and other Cistercian liturgical practices.

Cover from a bibliography of general hymnary sources.Cistercian Reference Works

This collection provides digital access to important and hard-to-find works on the Cistercian Order including bibliographies and dictionaries.

Cover of the International Congress of Medieval Studies program from 2002.International Congress on Medieval Studies Programs

This archive contains PDFs of the printed programs from the International Congress on Medieval Studies held at Western Michigan University, dating back to 1962.

Screenshot of Scholarworks website page with links to International Congress on Medieval Studies schedules.International Congress on Medieval Studies Schedules

This list includes links to schedules for the International Congress on Medieval Studies from 2012 to the present.

Screenshot of publication on Medieval Institute Publications. Medieval Institute Publications

This collection includes publications from faculty and staff affiliated with the Medieval Institute.