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Western Herald Archive

The Western Herald is the longest-running publication on Western Michigan University’s campus. This digitized archive includes an almost complete run of the newspaper from 1916 to 2009.

Front page of Focus newspaper from Summer of 1965. Focus

An African-American newspaper based in Kalamazoo, Focus was published bi-weekly from June 1965 to July 1966. It was published monthly after that. In April 1968, the name was changed to Focus News.

Front page of Focus News newspaper from April 1971.Focus News

Kalamazoo’s longest, continuously produced newspaper reporting on news of interest to the African-American community, Focus News was published from 1968 to 1982.

Front page of Kalamazoo News from May 14, 1980.Kalamazoo News

The Kalamazoo News was an alternative weekly newspaper that was published by John Prange from August 23, 1979, to February 19, 1987. It focused primarily on regional news.

Front page of The Kalamazoo Augustinian newspaper from March 25, 1899.Kalamazoo Augustinian

The Kalamazoo Augustinian was a Catholic newspaper and included news of area Catholic churches, schools and organizations. Published initially as the Kalamazoo Angelus in April of 1893, it changed its name to the Kalamazoo Augustinian in July 1893. Issues not digitized are at at the Zhang Legacy Collections Center.

Front page of The Augustinian newspaper from October 7, 1905.Augustinian

In 1905, the Kalamazoo Augustinian became simply The Augustinian filled with news of area Catholic churches, schools and organizations. It continued until the 1930s. Issues not digitized are at the Zhang Legacy Collections Center.