Branches Directory

Photo of Michele Behr
Blindness and Low Vision Studies; Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology; Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology; Family and Consumer Sciences; Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.; Ph.D. in Evaluation; and Education Librarian
(269) 387-5611
Photo of Judy Belland
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5237
Photo of Sharon Carlson
History Librarian (University, Local, Regional)
(269) 387-8490
Photo of Bradford Dennis
K-12 Education; Human Performance & Health Education; Special Education Literacy Studies; and Teaching, Learning & Educational Studies Librarian
(269) 387-1581
Photo of Mike Duffy
Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre Librarian
(269) 387-5236
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5232
Photo of Khanh Hoang
Administrative Assistant, Zhang Legacy Collections Center
(269) 387-8492
Photo of Lynn Houghton
Regional History Collections Curator
(269) 387-8491
Photo of Jonathan Kirkwood
Coordinator, Archival Storage
(269) 387-8499
Photo of Lori Kison
Coordinator, Special Collections
(269) 387-5240
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5167
Photo of Susan Steuer
Medieval Studies, Special Collections and Rare Books Librarian
(269) 387-5250
Photo of John Winchell
Archives Curator
(269) 387-8485