Instructional Video Collection

Shelves with instructional videotapes.

The Instructional Video Collection is located at the Service Desk on the first floor of Dwight B. Waldo Library. WMU faculty, staff, and students can borrow any of the over 3,000 DVDs and videotapes in this collection.

Multi-disciplinary and instructional, the Collection includes videos on art and design, communication, education, environmental sciences, foreign language materials, history, and psychology, and includes the PBS and Annenberg series.

To access over twenty multimedia databases with streaming videos—see our Streaming Video Sources guide for more information and access. DVDs and videotapes are also found in the Harper C. Maybee Music and Dance Library.

Contact information

  • Phone: (269) 387-5154
  • Location: Dwight B. Waldo Library, First Floor, Patron Services Window