It's a David Small World: A Journey Through Life and Art

Community Exhibits and Events

The University Libraries will debut its recently acquired archive from award-winning, local authors David Small and Sarah Stewart with a series of community events and exhibits. Art and artifacts from the Small Stewart Archive will be featured in exhibits around the Kalamazoo community.



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About the archive

The Small Stewart Archive documents the authors' artistic, literary and intellectual pursuits, spanning from the 1970s through the present. The collection includes drafts and original art, unpublished works, notebooks, sketchbooks, correspondence and journals that document the literary production, professional careers, and personal lives of David Small and Sarah Stewart.

The University Libraries acquired the collection in 2019, and it is now at home in the Zhang Legacy Collections Center on Oakland Drive. The collection's debut, initially planned for fall 2020, was delayed due to COVID-19.

Contact Susan Steuer, Professor, Special Collections, University Libraries, for further information about the archive.

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