Scholarship Application

The Western Michigan University Department of Management administers a number of scholarships for students majoring or minoring in programs offered by the department. This application is only for students majoring or minoring in leadership and business strategy, human resource management or management or majoring in entrepreneurship.

The application is now closed.

The general eligibility requirements necessary to be considered for these scholarships are:

  • Must be accepted into the upper-level B.B.A. program (junior status, 56 credit hours completed).
  • Must have declared a major or minor within the Department of Management. Students majoring or minoring in human resource management, leadership and business strategy and management are eligible, as are students majoring in entrepreneurship.
  • Must have a graduation date of December 2023 or later.


As part of your application, you must include a one page, double-spaced statement of professional goals that addresses the following points:

  1. Your professional goals. What are your professional career aspirations? What do you plan to do with your degree when completed?  Although you do not have to commit yourself to one career, you are best served by presenting to the scholarship committee as specific an idea as possible about what you intend to do with your degree.
  2. What background experiences, events, and/or education have influenced your professional goals? You should be able to relate specific experiences, events or educational experiences that have influenced your goals. For example, do you have previous work, internship, student organization, volunteer experience, or coursework that has influenced your goals?  Have there been certain classes which you found were influential at increasing your interest or desire to work in a particular area?