Gold Campaign

Advertising Campaign

The Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications, in collaboration with marketing professionals across campus, rolled out its gold campaign in fall 2016 to define “gold” as the heart of Western Michigan University’s identity.

With a variety of new graphic elements, such as the radiating lines around the W, the campaign includes print, television, web, direct mail and outdoor, and is backed by research and input from many constituencies.

This campaign theme serves all of campus, and it includes such themes as 'Strike Gold' for student recruitment, as well as other phrases like 'Gear up with Gold' and 'The Gold Standard.'

Visual consistency is a key element of the gold campaign and can be achieved through use of campaign colors, slogans, fonts, photography style and development of unique angular art for an individual unit. This art does not replace a WMU unit logo, however, when it is used, it should not be placed on the same page as the unit logo. In all cases, the W with radiating lines is placed separate from the nameplate (Western Michigan University).

Applying campaign elements

In general, the goal is to ensure that all gold campaign communications produced by the University are recognizable as part of the same campaign. Please consult with the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications design staff with questions about how and when to use the elements to best represent our University and your department. Details on style of campaign photography, additional slogans, language and project examples are available for download in the gold campaign presentational booklet. 

Campaign booklet