Sports Marketing Specialization

If you are a Western Michigan University student looking for a career in the exciting field of sports marketing, then you are at the right place. The sports marketing specialization provides students with a unique understanding of the business side of the sports industry, helping prepare students for a dynamic career in the fast-growing field.

Two courses constitute the sports marketing specialization: MKTG 3800, Sports Marketing, and MKTG 4820, Advanced Sports Marketing.

MKTG 3800: Sports Marketing

This is the foundational course for the Sports Marketing Specialization. You'll study the objectives, strategies and tactics of all phases of sports marketing. Special attention will be paid to marketing of sports and marketing through sports. Topics covered will include sponsorships, endorsements, licensing, venue management, event planning, and integrated brand communications. The importance of public relations and community involvement will also be explored.

A major term project will delve into a real-world sports marketing problem and will challenge students to solve a branding problem through critical thinking and strategic planning.

MKTG 4820: Advanced Sports Marketing

The second course in the sequence, Advanced Sports Marketing, builds on the first course but is quite different in approach. This course concentrates more on projects and stresses research, writing and immersion in the world of sports marketing. Projects include developing secondary research on a variety of sports marketing issues spanning various sports and leagues.