Math 1100 Accelerated Algebra


The accelerated algebra course was specifically designed for motivated students to progress towards their mathematics or statistics course required by their major in one less semester. The purpose of all of the developmental mathematics courses is to support student success academically and beyond by advancing critical thinking and reasoning skills. Students, as a team, will examine final answers in terms of reasonableness to the given problem and to determine if the answer addresses the original problem (Polya step 4). In addition, students will explore the power of estimation as a tool to determine accuracy of solutions to numeric and or real world problems. A theme throughout the semester is to examine statements to determine if each is sometimes true or always true. Students will then justify each claim with examples if sometimes true or give a complete justification if always true.



  1. Thursday, Sept. 13; 25 minutes
  2. Thursday, Sept. 27; 25 minutes
  3. Tuesday, Oct. 9; 50 minutes
  4. Friday, Nov. 2; 25 minutes
  5. Thursday, Nov. 29; 50 minutes

If you are unable to attend class on any exam day you must notify Mrs. Lutz before the exam or a make-up may be denied.

Do not plan to leave for Thanksgiving break until after class on Wednesday, November 21.


  1. Problem solving worksheet (Polya method), whole numbers and E-Learning Demo
  2. Whole number properties and  meanings of operators 
  3. meaning of exponents (including fractional exponents), order of operations, variable sense, combining like terms, Exam 1,  and rate problems
  4. Area verses perimeter, evaluate verses solve, using variables for problem solving (Polya method) and fraction meaning  
  5. Equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, ratios and proportions, adding fractions, Exam 2, multiplying fractions
  6. Multiplying and dividing fractions, revisit number properties and variable sense with fractions, comparing fraction additions and multiplications, and signed number meaning
  7. Comparing signed numbers, adding signed numbers, Exam 3, and subtracting signed numbers
  8.  multiplying and dividing signed numbers, and fall break
  9. Revisit number properties and variable sense with signed numbers, partial products and multiplying polynomials
  10.   Percent change, equivalent expressions,  Exam 4
  11.  Equivalent expressions, and functions
  12. Linear verses exponential functions and models
  13.  Solving graphically and Thanksgiving break 
  14. Solving graphically and symbolically, Exam 5 
  15. linear regression and lines
  16.  Final Exam

Monday, October 29 is the last day a student can process an official withdrawal from a class to avoid a failing grade.