Placement Tests

Placement into math courses in the Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University is accomplished in one of several different ways.

ACT or SAT math scores

The most common and preferred method uses the ACT or SAT math placement chart.

Transferred courses

If no standardized tests are available or if they are outdated, previously completed coursework at another college or university can be used. Check the transfer credit equivalency page to confirm how your courses will transfer to WMU from any Michigan community college or university. Coursework completed at an out-of-state college or university will need to be evaluated by the department. Send a course description and an unofficial transcript via email to Steven Culver to have your courses evaluated.

College Level Examination Program

We use the CLEP for those who have taken this test.

WMu Placement test

If none of the above methods is available, the Department of Mathematics has developed a placement test that will place you into courses. This is a timed, 50-question, multiple choice test that is offered on campus only. It can be taken only once.

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aleks online test

The ALEKS placement test is a proprietary test that will cost the user $25. After taking an unproctored test, the student is given a score, feedback and access to training modules that are used to improve the student's skills. After working through training modules the student is able to take a proctored exam that can be used for placement purposes. Taking this test and using the results for placement purposes is totally voluntary and at the student's discretion.