Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business launched new course requirements for Master of Business Administration students beginning in fall 2021. If you plan to enroll in the program in fall 2021 or later, please refer to the course guides below. 

If you are a current student looking for course information, please refer to the course catalog specific to the year you enrolled in the program. Questions? Contact an MBA advisor.

Program Requirements Beginning Fall 2021

All MBA students will complete a minimum of 12 courses (36 credit hours). Students with no prior business courses may need to complete up to four additional courses (12 credit hours). You have flexibility in establishing the sequence of courses. 

You are encouraged to meet with the MBA advisor to draft a schedule of courses. Your advisor will guide you in course selection and answer any questions you have about your schedule. 


The business core (prerequisite) courses may be waived for students who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or have completed relevant coursework. 

• Accountancy

• Corporate Finance

• Data Analytics Foundations

• Economics

These requirements are fulfilled if the applicant completed an undergraduate business degree or if the applicant completed an equivalent course. Students without undergraduate equivalent course work have three options to fulfill these prerequisites:

• Current graduate or undergraduate course offerings at WMU, another university, or community college.

• Taking and passing competency exams, if available.

• Online courses.

Approval for prerequisite proficiency will be determined on a course-by-course basis.

Graduate students whose native language in not English and who do not have a degree from a U.S. institution must take the Academic Communication Placement Test at the beginning of their first semester of enrollment. A student who does not pass this examination is assigned to the Academic Communication for Business Purposes course—BCM 6050. 

Skills and Knowledge (7 courses, 21 credit hours)

• MBA 6001—Presentation, Negotiation and Communication for Managers 

• MBA 6002—Leadership for Managers 

• MBA 6003—Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making 

• MBA 6004—Finance for Managerial Decision Making 

• MBA 6005—Accounting for Managerial Decision Making 

• MBA 6006—Marketing for Managerial Decision Making 

• MBA 6007—Strategic Management 

Electives (5 courses, 15 credit hours)

At least one course from MBA 6010-6014 

• MBA 6010—Process Management Strategy 

• MBA 6011—Business Law and Ethics 

• MBA 6012—Sustainable Business Strategies for Managers 

• MBA 6013—Trade and Global Business Strategy 

• MBA 6014—Advanced Analytics for Managerial Decision Making 

• MBA 6020—Professional Experience

• MBA 6021—Work-Based Project

• MBA 6022—Current Issues in Business 

• BUS 6960—Study Abroad


Students may select courses at the 5000 or 6000+ level from the Haworth College of Business (ACTY, BCM, CIS, FIN, MGMT, MKTG) and may also select courses at the 5000 or 6000+ level from colleges outside of the Haworth College of Business with approval from both the MBA advisor and the advisor from the other college, department or graduate program.