MBA Mythbusting

There are a lot of myths when it comes to MBA programs. This page is dedicated to mythbusting. We want you to have full and accurate information as you make your decision regarding graduate education. Below are some of the common misconceptions about the MBA program.

diploma iconMyth No. 1: I need an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in business to earn an MBA. False. 
If your bachelor’s degree is in a non-business discipline, you will be required to take just four prerequisites, Accountancy, Data Analytics, Economics and Finance. Then, you will continue in the MBA curriculum.


resume iconMyth No. 2: I need work experience to pursue an MBA. False. 
You may go directly into the MBA program from an undergraduate program, or you may have work experience in a field outside of business. Work experience in business is not a prerequisite for the program.


clock iconMyth No. 3: I won't have time to get an MBA with family and a full-time job. False. 
Classes meet one night per week. Ninety percent of MBA students are employed full-time. You can choose to take one class per semester or accelerate your degree completion depending on your personal needs.


money bag iconMyth No. 4: The degree will be too expensive. False. 
We offer the best value in our region for the quality of education received. Our program is around $25,000 total, and opportunities exist for fellowships and grants.


fall calendar icon

Myth No. 5: I need to start in fall. If I don’t start in fall, I will need to wait a year to begin my program. False. 
We have rolling admission, so you can begin the program in the fall, spring, or summer I or II.


stress iconMyth No. 6: I will never pass the GMAT. False.
Test anxiety is a common barrier to starting the application process. However, many students do better than they anticipate. You need a score of 450/800 or an equivalent GRE score. Both the GMAT or GRE are accepted. GMAT information, free practice software and exams can be found at GRE information can be found at

study abroad iconMyth No. 7: Study abroad is something that isn’t a part of the MBA. False. 
We have several optional short-term, faculty-led programs ranging from two to three weeks in length. In addition, we have an on-campus program offered through CIMBA in Italy, which takes place in summer.


advising iconMyth No. 8: As an MBA student, there aren’t college services for career planning and placement. False. 
The Zhang Career Center is happy to help MBA students meet their career goals, providing career counseling, resume feedback, interview coaching and more.


handshake iconMyth No. 9: People don’t value an MBA like they used to. False.
Employers still value an MBA in terms of career advancement, with many companies covering all or some cost for their employees to pursue the degree. The MBA is the top standard in business education and allows you to enhance your repertoire of critical thinking, analysis and leadership skills, which can lead to increased responsibility and compensation.

Have a question we haven’t covered? Our director of graduate programs, Renuka Phillips, is available with answers.

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