Mechanical Engineering Minor

The mechanical engineering minor will help students from other WMU programs in various possible ways. For example, having this Minor degree recorded in the diploma may expand the employment opportunities and attractiveness of students who major in other areas and give them an advantage in their job search. This could be useful to students from other engineering majors as well as students from non-engineering majors (e.g., Physics students). Also, students who may want to pursue graduate degrees in engineering will get a preparation in foundation topics and a useful background to guide them in that direction. Since many majors in the university leave room in their curricula for minor degree credit-hours, many students will be able to take the ME Minor without adding much, if at all, to their required number of credits for graduation.

The five required courses have prerequisites in sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Interested students should meet a mechanical engineering advisor to plan a path to the Minor degree. Since the sequence of study may take five semesters, we recommend scheduling a meeting with an advisor not later than in the 3rd semester of study.

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Program requirements
Students must complete at WMU the following 5 courses with a minimum grade of ‘C’:
ME 2320 – Thermodynamics 1
ME 2500 – Materials Science for Engineers (ME 2615 prerequisite will be waived)
ME 2580 – Dynamics (or ME 3600 – Control Systems, for students who receive credit for Dynamics in their major)
ME 3560 – Fluid Mechanics
ME 3650 – Machine Design 1 (EDMM 1420 prerequisite will be waived)