Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate


Mechanical engineers plan and design machines, tools, engines, and other equipment or systems that produce or use power. They design products such as instruments, controls, engines and machines as well as mechanical, thermal, hydraulic and heat transfer systems.

They plan and direct fabrication of test control apparatus and equipment in addition to developing methods and procedures for testing products and services. Mechanical engineers direct and coordinate construction and installation activities to ensure conformance with engineering design and customer specifications. They coordinate operation, maintenance and repair activities to get the best use of machines and systems. Mechanical engineers may also evaluate field installations and recommend design changes to eliminate malfunctions.


Mechanical Engineering B.S. - has department requirements and a list of required courses to receive a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


Program Information




See Murali Ghantasala, graduate advisor, for all questions regarding the accelerated master's program.


Every semester that you register for one of ME 5950, 6950, 6970, 7000, or 7100 you must fill the following form, obtain your advisor’s signature, and submit it to Murali Ghantasala.

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