Kujawski receives ADVANCE grant

Daniel Kujawski

Dr. Daniel Kujawski, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is one of five people from five universities who have been selected to receive a 2018 award from the ADVANCE Grant Proof of Concept Fund. The awards incentivize faculty members at Michigan public universities to engage with their technology transfer office to move their early-stage technologies toward commercialization. They are administered by Michigan State University and the Michigan Strategic Fund, through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and range from $15,000 to $80,000.

Kujawski, who directs WMU’s Fatigue and Fracture Laboratory, received $49,892 for a project that improves prediction of the fatigue properties of materials. His methodology will lower the expense of providing designers with material properties over the lifecycle of manufactured parts. The technique promises higher reliability from nondestructive testing and analysis.