Study of Anthropogenic Noise on Songbird Behavior

In a multi-disciplinary project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Drs. Naghshineh and Sharon Gill (Department of Biological Sciences) will study how anthropogenic noise affects the habitual behavior of multiple species of songbirds. This work is conducted throughout the Kalamazoo area. Research assistants and employees of the Noise and Vibration Lab, Dr. Kyle Myers and Steve Beuerle, have helped in providing program support in the form of data collection, sound file analysis, and equipment calibration for this project.

Wildlife Acoustic’s Song Meter 2 is the principal piece of equipment used for recording the songbirds’ activity. Using MATLAB, many different programs are written to aid calibration of these units and analysis of sound files from these units.


This ongoing study has resulted in multiple publications thus far. The study is continuing using different species of songbirds, and different habitats associated with each species. Variations of species, habitat, and song-activity have been studied in hopes of scientifically connecting the presence of anthropogenic noise to the behavior of these songbirds.