Luis Toledo-Pereyra

Luis Toledo-Pereyra
Instructor of History
Teaching interests: 
  • History of healthcare

Luis Toledo-Pereyra is an instructor in the Department of History at Western Michigan University.

Since his dissertation on the “Origins of Cardioplegia” which deal with the initial steps in the historical development of cardiac surgery, Toledo-Pereyra has concentrated on the study and analysis of the main American contributors to the evolution of surgery in general. He has studied the American historical surgical scene from the beginnings of the republic to the present day.

His research now involves understanding how surgery arrived to the state with particular analysis of the societal, economic and philosophical aspects of the public’s acceptance and appreciation of surgery. His interest includes the characterization of the main individuals involved in the history of surgery throughout American history. Toledo-Pereyra also focuses on the history of healthcare as it pertains to nursing, physician assistants, technologists, dentists and many other medical or surgical personnel.

Toledo-Pereyra has been teaching at WMU for 20 years with a concentration on the history of medicine and health care in the United States and in the world. Some seminars and other classes have dealt with specific topics on the history of medicine such as European medicine, early American medicine, historical scientific basis of medicine, historical advances of surgery, art and surgery, literature and medicine, and various other topics. He has recently completed an NIH History of Medicine Library Grant on “How to Teach Medicine Through the History of Disease” with encouraging results that demonstrate that history is essential to the teaching and learning of medicine.